Many IT companies in India have allowed Work from Home (#WFH) due to #Coronavirus. Other companies are probably praying/hoping that this is temporary and life will be normal in couple of weeks. Or, they do not have processes ready for implementing WFH.
With the desire of new generation to work from anywhere, anytime and technology to support the management of projects executed remotely, it is high time IT companies adapt to this reality. There are many Open Source projects that have contributors around the world. There is no reason to believe that projects cannot be executed remotely.
#CloudOnHire always had a policy for married women to WFH. We had developed the processes for managing the same. It was easy for us to extend the same quickly to all employees. While some companies think, it is temporary, we feel it will be a new normal in future. Some feel it is a privilege, we feel it is a necessity. Being experts in Software Development for the cloud, we have relied on SaaS products to run our company. For Ex: Zoho for Email, Office 365 for team, Zoom for Collabortion and project management tools/version control systems.
Corona being a pandemic, customers around the world have been understanding and have stood by us. And it is our responsibility to make sure the customers do not face disruption in service.
Will WFH be efficient? Initially, it may not. With time, we will improve the processes to match or beat the performance. Remember, team members also gain the time that was being spent on commute. We will also provide guidance for them to help them to be efficient while WFH. I am sure, when you trust the team members, they will give their best to make this work!!!