Field Service in Salesforce, which is referred to as Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL), is a solution designed to help companies manage their field service operations. Salesforce Field Service is a system designed to automate and optimize the work performed by field service workers, including agents, dispatchers, and mobile technicians. As a part of Service Cloud, it ensures that employees maintain full functionality and efficiency in delivering services while operating outside the confines of the office.

Which companies are best suitable to use FSL?

Companies across various industries can benefit from implementing Salesforce Field Service Lightning, especially those require field service operations to deliver products or services to customers on-site. Some industries where FSL is commonly used include: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Utilities, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Construction, Retail & Hospitality.
Some of the most common field services are: equipment installation work, maintenance, repairs, sales, courier, and general customer service.

What Makes Salesforce Field Service Special?

Field Service has three main parts that work together to give you a complete field service management solution.

  1. Core Field Service features including Service and Dispatcher Consoles
  2. Scheduling and optimization from a managed package
  3. A mobile app for your mobile workforce.

You can start with the core Field Service features, and then add the managed package and mobile app as you need them.

Lets Talk some of the Key Benefits of FSL to your company.

Improved Productivity

Field Service Lightning empowers businesses to streamline their field service operations, ultimately enhancing productivity. Through process automation, businesses can significantly reduce task completion times, thereby boosting technician efficiency.

Enhanced Customer Experience 

FSL provides businesses with real-time updates on technician status and job progress. This means businesses can provide customers with accurate information about when technicians will arrive and when the job will be completed. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction.

Better Resource Management 

Field Service enables businesses to manage their resources more efficiently. FSL provides real-time visibility into inventory usage and technician availability. This way businesses can ensure they have the right resources available when they need them.


FSL Dispatcher Console Gantt Overview


FSL Dispatcher Console Map view

Improved Communication 

Salesforce Field Service Lightning provides businesses with a range of communication tools, including messaging and collaboration features. This can improve communication between technicians, dispatchers, and customers, which can lead to more efficient and effective field service operations.

Field Service Mobile App 

FSL provides an amazing User Interface both for its mobile application and for the Field Service Dispatcher console. Thus increasing the user experience multi fold.


Overall, companies who need simple or complex Field service requirements and a need to deliver timely and efficient service to customers can benefit greatly from implementing Salesforce Field Service Lightning. By leveraging FSL’s capabilities, organizations can improve productivity, reduce operational costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

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