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If you wanted to learn Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you should get your hands on a dev/demo/playground org of it! Well, one way to do that is if you are a Salesforce Partner.
If you are a partner, then Marketing Cloud Demo Orgs are part of the partner benefits. so just go ahead and open the Case.

To Obtain Salesforce Marketing Cloud demo org, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Once you Open case, A Salesforce representative will review your information, An Order Form via docusign will be sent to your email Id. You should execute to obtain your marketing cloud demo org as requested.
Once completed please wait for up to 24 hours to receive log ins.

Step 2:

Once you receive Account Number(MID) for your MC demo org. Salesforce Team will reach out in regards to the Sender Authentication Package (SAP) you’ve recently purchased for your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account.

Step 3:

Domain Configuration Options:
SAP requires a domain or subdomain, selected by your company, for Salesforce’s exclusive use. This domain should not be in use for existing webpages or internal email. Below are the available options when selecting a domain to represent your brand.

You delegate a domain or subdomain to salesforce nameservers, example: This option requires the domain administrator at your company to create the subdomain and delegate it to salesforce by adding four nameserver (NS) records to the DNS and point them to salesforce nameservers.
Please see the following help page for more details on domain delegation.
Custom Domain or Subdomain Delegation in Marketing Cloud

Once we follow steps, Salesforce team will complete the configuration and testing of the Sender Authentication Package for your account.

You will receive email to Access Your Marketing Cloud Account provided with Username & Temporary Password.

Login with & do setup of demo org tailored to your organization’s need.

Note: The process for obtaining a Salesforce Marketing Cloud demo org may vary slightly depending on region, availability, and specific Salesforce practices.