WordPress Site is Hacked


You are on a vacation lazily lying on a beach in Goa and you get a call from your manager “Our WordPress site is hacked”. You understand the impact this one event can have on your brand. You try to reach the freelancer who created the website, and (s)he doesn’t answer the call. You now start panicking. You call your friends and one of them suggests CloudOnHire or another professional IT services company. We have seen customers approaching us in this scenario increase over the years. They are either let down by freelancers when required or they do not have a team to handle abnormal events like hacking.

Is WordPress not Secure?

As per W3techs, WordPress is used by more than 39% of all websites. The increase in popularity also has attracted the attention of hackers. WordPress being Open Source has also helped these hackers in finding the vulnerabilities easily. As per wpscan , 87% of the vulnerabilities are in the plugins. The availability of the thousands of plugins in WordPress is actually driving the popularity of WordPress.

Is there no way to Secure the website?

There is good news and bad news. The good news is that the following actions can minimize the hacking:

Keep the WordPress always updated with Latest Release

Use themes from a reputed company and keep it constantly updated

Use only popular Plugins and keep them up to date

Use strong passwords for WordPress accounts

Use Firewall from Sucuri or WordFence or CloudFlare

How much does this cost?


Since WordPress is a dynamic website, you need a Web Server, and Database to start. Add the cost of AMC to keep them updated/upgraded. Then comes the cost of the Firewall. Add all the cost and it burns a hole in the pocket.

Also, remember that the above steps can reduce the chances of hacking, new vulnerabilities keep increasing day by day.If your luck runs out, your website can still get hacked.

Is there a better solution?


Following are some of the permanent solutions:

Migrate to managed website builder like Wix. It is easy to use, but lack the functionality of WordPress and you cannot migrate your website anywhere else

Migrate to a static site generator like Gatsby.JS

CloudOnHire can help you migrate to Wix or Gatsby. You may ask, why are we still using WordPress? Because the majority of customers still love WordPress

Last year, we worked with many existing customers in delivering Custom Software Development Services by Distributed Teams working across the globe at their respective homes. In 2021, we are offering our proven Distributed Software Development services to more customers like you.

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