What is Moodle used for?


Moodle is an LMS(Learning management system) that provides educators and learners with a safe and integrated system. Moodle is a free and open-source platform. It helps to create a personalized learning environment. Moodle can easily complement existing education. You can download the software onto your own web server. Therefore, Moodle has learner tools and environments both for teaching and learning.

Most importantly, in the current situation, students can learn and do their task safely at home. It is a great platform where both children and teachers get to communicate with each other. In addition, the teachers can assign any task to the students. Therefore, students can complete the task. The most important feature of moodle is the interaction between the teacher and the students. Students can take online classes, quizzes, assignments, and tests. As a result, students can view their scores and grades.

Moodle is a Learning Management system enabling educators to create their own website with different courses for learning
  • Highly flexible and easy to use
  • Get moodle in your own language
  • Adapted for the needs of small classes and large organization
  • Access a lot of resources like courses, content, and plugins.


Displays personalized dashboard

The dashboard is a page for users. The issue details of their progress, course, tasks, and upcoming deadlines. The course overview block allows students and teachers to track the activities and courses. The default blocks include navigation and administration. They also include course overview, private files, latest badges, calendar, upcoming events, and online users.

Responsive and easy to navigate

Moodle is designed for both desktop and mobile devices. Hence moodle is very convenient.

Collaborative activities

Activity is a feature in the moodle course. It helps students to interact with either the students or teachers. Activities and resources are referred to as a group. The students can contribute directly to an activity. For example, forums or quizzes. A resource is presented by the teachers to the students. For example, file or page.

Provides ALL-IN-ONE calendar

Moodle’s calendar helps you keep track of academics and the completion of the courses. In addition, it keeps track of meetings and events. Moreover, there are assignments, quiz completion, and other course events.

Administrative features:

  • Easily customizable layout and site design using themes and logos
  • Secure authentication and addition of students and teachers
  • Helps in managing user access and permissions
  • Helps manage plugins, for instance, installing and disabling.
  • Can allow users to learn and view content in their own languages

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