Wondering why your website, despite the best content, is not showing up on the top Google results? Here is where CloudOnHire steps in. What makes us unique amongst the thousands of digital marketing firms you will come across is – our technical expertise, our deep understanding of the digital marketing domain, our inexpensive services – which allows us to roll out quick, comprehensive and affordable solutions for you. Not only are we among the top 10 best digital marketing firms in Bengaluru, but also, we provide our services to a diverse clientele across the globe.


The devil is in the details. Today, data is everything, and thus you have a huge advantage, if you have access to the historic data of all your web assets. Being aware of how your website has performed in the past, allows you to strategize for the future, and that is where Google Analytics steps in. CloudOnHire helps you to implement Google Analytics for your web assets, be it your landing pages, your blogs, your channel – you name it. We track the behaviour of your customers or prospects who visit your website and work out the required strategy to ensure that your traffic gets a boost and you get the maximum conversions.

Before we think about how to spread the word, it is important to decide what word to spread. An effective content strategy and more importantly effective content brings out your USP, and conveys to a busy marketplace, what is it that you stand for. Not only is this about written content, but content which exists in various formats – landing pages, blogs, videos, infographics – and which thrives across multiple channels and can be accessed across multiple devices. CloudOnHire helps you craft an effective content strategy and helps you churn engaging content as well. We spend the time to understand you better, and then chase every opportunity to deliver mutually agreeable content deliverables, within the stipulated timelines. In short, we ensure that the right content, goes out from your table at the right time to the right people.


Appearing on the internet is essential for any business today. But starting a website and populating it with the right content is only the beginning. Ensuring that consistent traffic hits it and converting your visitors to your customers is a completely different ball game. The smartest way to do it, without spending too much money, is to optimise your digital assets for SEO. CloudOnHire provides you the expertise, wherein we analyse your website design and content, and offer solutions from a technical stand point. Not only does it ensure that your website is technically sound, but also that it starts ranking higher in search results. In short, we help your brand stay on top, not just in the minds of your customers, but on the internet as well, with well targeted SEO and SEM strategies.

Money is not everything, but it can surely help you get to that extra mile. Despite your best content and SEO efforts, sometimes it is important to boost your chances and stay clear of the competition, and paid marketing is a great way of achieving that. One of the effective ways of implementing the same is to use some of Google’s path breaking services – such as Pay Per Click (PPC), Google AdWords and many more. CloudOnHire specialises in PPC, wherein we structure and run targeted search ads on Google, ensuring that you get huge amounts of high-quality traffic in the least time. Not just that, we help you with effective display ads across platforms, which allow your services to be seen by your prospects, even if they are not actively searching for you or are searching related services. We design an integrated campaign experience for you, so that you get the maximum worth of every penny that you invest in your paid marketing efforts.

As on date, the total number of smartphone users in India has crossed 430 million. India also happens to rank second on the list of countries with the greatest number of internet users. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest are being used like never before – and it is a crime not to utilise social media to boost your chances of getting more leads from your digital marketing efforts. CloudOnHire offers you the expertise and experience to craft the perfect social media strategy for your business, which attracts the right target audience to your website. Not only do we help you maintain your brand’s online reputation, but we bring you much closer to your prospects and your customers via social media.

With the rise of SEO, Social Media, Paid Marketing, it is natural to think that the traditional method of email marketing is losing out. However, when it comes to penetration, reach, life-span, engagement and ROI, email marketing still has a lot of potential today, as it is one of the direct, sure-shot ways of communicating with your prospects and customers. CloudOnHire, will not just help you shoot out thousands of emails but do that in a structured manner. We create, strategize and execute email campaigns for you, and ensure that you hit results in terms of generating traffic, leads or transactions. Not just that, tracking its performance via analytics is also what we bring to the table, enabling you to fine tune your email efforts.

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