Having trouble providing
support 24×7?

You need AI based Chatbot – ChaterJi

If you are having trouble supporting customers 24×7, or providing support on days when traffic becomes unmanageable, you have come to the right place. We have developed a Chatbot named as “ChaterJi, based on worlds leading technology platform”.

Work Automation

Chatbots have recently become very popular. In fact many of the Banks and eCommerce sites have started using them instead of people to efficiently serve the customer. Most of these Chatbots are powered by AI.

Alternate sales channel

They are capable of being used in marketing also. For Ex: Chatbots can be used effectively for lead generation. These Chatbots can handle any workload by automatically scaling. This provides prompt customer service even at peak traffic, which helps in improving brand image as well.


For A Free Trial

If you want to enable Chatbot for your business, contact us and we can enable the same for your business.

Handling Capacity

Chatbots can also be integrated with other business applications. They can easily capture customer data and also provide information from business application after authentication.

Flexible attribute

Chatbots have the benefit that it can quite easily be used in any industry.One has to just train the bot, that’s it.