Online learning platform solution

Create Virtual Labs for Big Data that seamlessly integrates with Canvas Learning Management System
Wiley India Pvt Ltd
The Brief
We created an Virtual Labs for Big Data that seamlessly integrates with the Canvas Learning Management System

Project Overview

Wiley Learning Management is training Platform, students who are looking for Big Data Training program can be enrolled. We developed virtual environment that is customized with various components of Apache Hadoop and provided with content like Videos and Assessment. The virtual environment must be seamlessly accessible from Canvas LMS.

Our Research

We reviewed the stakeholder objective and had discussions with various business users to understand the infrastructure in companies. We also realized that there was a need for a high scalability platform because the number of students can grow exponentially. The Canvas LMS also supports Learning Tool Integration (LTI ), which helps every student and teacher to save time, increase achievement, monitor growth, and become result-oriented.

Our Solution

We developed an External Learning Tool Integration (LTI) and registered the same in Canvas. We configured the courses so that when the student accessed the Virtual Lab, the user will be automatically authenticated in the tool. The student will be provided a personalized Virtual Environment, configured with custom Apache Hadoop components. When the student completes the lab, the completion status is sent back to the Canvas LMS.

The Impact

Our user-centric approach has boosted customer in increased revenue.

Elastic increase/decrease in Virtual Environment, based on usage and eventually cutting costs.

Improved learning outcome.

Seamless access to Lab Environment.