A break from work- A team outing to Udupi

COH_Team outing

An amazing way to facilitate bonding with your team members is through team outings. Team outings also reduce employee stress, and give them the chance to get to know each another outside of the office. As the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” holds true in the busy schedule of 9-5 working hours.

For many years, we’ve been providing offshore software development services. Our software development team has a proven track record developing cutting edge applications. But just like any other company, we like to relax and refresh our minds and hence take a time off from work to go on an excursion to bond and enhance our team’s chemistry.


Just last week, our company organized a two-nights, three-days’ team outing to Udupi and I was privileged to join the rest of them. We started our journey early in the morning so that we won’t get stuck in traffic for a long time. On the way, we stopped at Manjarabad Fort built by Tippu Sultan. It is called the star fort because it is built in the shape of an eight-pointed star. We climbed all the way to the top and the view we got of the surroundings was just blissful. On the way to Udupi, we had to tackle the Ghats of Shiradi to reach the coastal regions of Mangalore. The place where would stay was 40km away from Mangalore. We reached our destination at around 6 pm and we got a scenic view of the setting sun. We stayed at a beautiful resort called Sai Radha heritage which is right next to the shores of Kaup beach.

Early to rise in the morning the next day, we all played in the warm beach for some time and then got ready to head off to St. Mary’s Islands which is located a few kilometers from the Malpe Beach. The only way of getting to the islands is by ferry rides which are quite regular from the Malpe fishing harbour to the islands. When we got to the islands, we could not only see the crystal-clear waters but also how well the entire place was maintained by the government. Nearing the shores, the sand is filled with sea shells of different colors and shapes. The island is scattered with basaltic rocks formed by subvolcanic activity which happened millions of years ago. After returning from the Islands, we stopped for lunch and then visited the famous Udupi Sri Krishna Temple. We must see the idol of Lord Krishna through a silver window intricately carved with holes.

On our way back to the resort, we went to the Light house in Kaup beach to see the sunset. It was a tiring climb, with a few steps nearing to the top too steep, but the view we got of the entire Kaup beach till the horizon made the climb totally worth it. The next day, we got up early in the morning for a beach walk enjoying the beautiful nature away from the everyday urban life full of vehicles and noise. We got ready to return to Bangalore and, on our way, we stopped at a store in Mangalore to buy some sweets and haplam. Needless to state, the entire three-day trip rejuvenated our souls, made us develop good bonding, filled us with tremendous happiness and confidence to overcome the future challenges.