Public Speaking Workshop for Kids

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Every child is UNIQUE, they all come on this earth with a special God Given talent.
CloudonHire is associating with Gifted Gabber for public speaking Workshop for Kids.
Their mission in Gifted Gabber is to aide kids to discover their immense talent and express themselves to the world through conversation and in turn be massively successful!


Workshop Highlights

Gifted Gabbers revolutionary proven and effective public speaking and life mastery program geared towards:
1) Increasing self-confidence and impact
2) Presenting and organizing ideas.
3) Coach kids to express their unique voice and opening new opportunities.


After the tremendous success at Gifted Gabber’s Workshop in USA, they are conducting workshops in Bengaluru.

Date to be defined for this event.


Price: Rs.899

Need further information: Jothsna Kethar (Certified Life Coach),

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